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Magnefine No More, Filters are all gone, in Australia At Least!

Magnefine No More! These Filters, oh dear are all gone, in Australia at least! At Magnet Sales we are all about providing you, our customers with the best products at the very best prices available. So, when we found these amazing pieces of kit, we just knew that you would love them. And it has certainly been the case. They have flown off the shelves here, to the point we sold out.

It was at that time we found that actually due to certain issues with larger, to remain nameless companies. Boss products are to produce the Magnefine filters, in Australia at least, that means Magnefine No More. This means that getting these great Magnetic Inline Power Steering & Automatic Transmission Filters are going to be getting harder and harder.

Australian-made Magnefine No More!

The Magnefine Filters System by Boss Products was revolutionary when first produced at Boss Products facility in Sydney. As soon as they were then launched in the US, companies like Ford and Daimler Chrysler used them as OEM parts for their magnetic filtration products. And you can understand why. The MAGNEFINE filter extends the filtration spectrum to provide dual filtration. It is designed in such a way as to be completely effective in removing up to 95% of damaging ferrous metal particles from automatic transmissions and power steering systems. Thus, prolonging the life of those systems.

Magnefine no More, filters are all gone in Australia, at least 2021

As the contaminated fluid passes within 5mm, which is the effective range of the powerful magnet. It attracts all the hard-damaging ferrous particles. What is more, is that this comes down to an amazing sub-micron level. Which, stops the “chain reaction of wear” that happens over time within those systems. The fact is, continual cleaning of the transmission fluid actually produces cleaner fluid than the new fluid you put into the system. Major OEM’s recommend adding 10,000 miles to your service cycle with the use of the Magnefine filters. Saving plenty of time and money. Magnefine No More!

The original and cheapest on the market are supplying 8mm, 10mm and 12mm versions of the worldwide patented MAGNEFINE dual filtration filter. It is the only effective form of filtration that can provide dynamic small particle extraction. Whilst maintaining full line flow capabilities for automatic transmissions and power steering systems.

Cheapest and original worldwide patented MAGNEFINE FILTERS dual filtration system in Australia

We have the cheapest original worldwide patented MAGNEFINE dual filtration filters in Australia. Check out our full range of MAGNEFINE filters on the online shop today. It’s quick, it’s easy. Furthermore, our online shop is safe and Secure. Our payment gateway is PayPal. It provides complete peace of mind when it comes to shopping online. We do not store any of your credit card details. And, the last thing we would think of doing is use or share any of your personal information (except to provide you with updates of your order).

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Please do note, we also accept telephone orders. So, should you wish to speak with one of our wonderful and highly trained staff. Remember Alan is just a quick short phone call away. Finally, we pride ourselves on our customer service. And, we aim to make you 100% satisfied with your shopping experience with us.

A quick 2019 update on this situation by the way. Sekao (Alan) has just bought what is the last of these magic filters in Australia. However, do not despair, he has found a source in the Good Ole’ US of A that can supply us for the foreseeable future. So get your orders in, before they all go!

If you need to call and chat with Alan on the phone, you can find his direct contact details here. Call and ask him about Magnefine and or blacksmithing stuff. He is the main man on this.

Magnefine No More! Get em whilst stocks last, we cannot get anymore!