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Countersunk Steel Washers

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Countersunk Steel Washers for Everyday

Here we have some everyday countersunk steel washers in various sizes. For those of you that are in the know, they are normally used to screw in to timber, or plastic. So that you can then attach a magnet. So not as left field as you first thought.

At Magnet Sales we think of everything for our clients. From the right type, size, shape and kind of magnet to the steel Counter-sunk washers needed to attach them to. But we also think about your safety. Both physically and online in the cyber world. We protect you in the cyber world by our payment gateway being through PayPal. And, not-forgetting our site is protected by an SSl certificate. We protect you physically by giving you safety tips like “don’t eat the magnets”.

Discounts and Delivery!

Buying your magnets in bulk attracts a discount from Alan. Just give us a call and I am sure we can convince Alan to give the discount on these too. We aim to give 100% customer satisfaction at Magnet Sales. So if you are not happy with any aspect of the buying process, the magnets or blacksmith tools, then let us know.

Delivery on these Counter-sunk washers are a flat rate of $11 for anywhere in Australia. This is regardless of the amount you buy. So with this combined with the amazing discounts. Incidentally, all calculated at checkout. You are getting an amazing deal.

One final thing (in the style of Colombo), we are open from 8am until 4pm