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Magnetic Filters and Tools

Magnetic Filters and Tools

MagnetSales Australia stocks a wide range of magnetic filters and tools. Our selection is impressive both online at and at our store in Brisbane, Australia. Tool holders, ball joints, sign grippers, and more – all made from the highest quality magnets. We also offer amazing magnetic swarf attractors, exceptional magnetic fuel saver and water softeners, as well as the world-class Magnefine automatic transmission and power steering filters. We have what you need for whatever you’re working on, ready for pick-up or delivery!

Magnetic Fuel Saver and Water Softener

You can get a magnetic fuel saver and water softener from Magnet Sales. Water, without fail, is our most precious resource. Your body requires water to operate correctly. So, you want to make sure your water supply is clean. You also want to make sure your water supply isn’t too hard. Hard water has minerals that create deposits in your pipes, water heater, and other appliances that use water. This scaling can build up and wreak havoc on your water supply and pipes. Magnet Sales’s magnetic water softener can remove these mineral salts with adding chemicals, improving water quality all around

The Magnefine Filter

Among the best products in the magnetic filters and tools category, we carry at Magnet Sales is the Magnefine range. A Magnefine filter extends your transmission and power steering filtration spectrum. This creates a powerful dual filtration system designed to be extremely effective in removing incredibly damaging metal particles from the automatic transmission and power steering systems.

When fluid passes within 5mm of Magnefine’s truly powerful magnet, the MAGNEFINE filter quickly attracts all the hard, corrosive, and damaging ferrous particles, down to an awesome sub-micron level. This stops the chain reaction of wear and tear on the transmission or power steering system. You can continue driving your vehicle with peace of mind.

Get your Magnefine products and more at Magnet Sales

Check out our full range of Magnefine filters and other magnetic filters and tools. Choose your favourite shopping method. You can shop through our website with no worries. Online payments are safe and secure. We don’t store your information. And we promise not to share your details with anyone else. Your business is important to us, and we want you to come back to buy more! If you’re not into online shopping, you can also give us a call. Our friendly staff are also very knowledgeable. Feel free to ask them for help! Or stop on by at the shop. No matter how you buy from Magnet Sales, know that we are here to help you.