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Why Use Neodymium Magnets?

Neodymium Magnets History

Where do neodymium magnets come from?

Well, neodymium magnets (also known as N94) were first developed by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, in 1984. These companies ultimately commercialized their production processes, in 1986, taking the place of most other types of magnets that were being used in nearly all products, like hard disk drives and electric motors.

The invention of these magnets has provided manufacturers the ability to produce smaller and more miniaturized products. Eventually, making everyday lives easier because of the applications and industries the neodymium magnets products are used in, such as in healthcare facilities, the mining industry, and automobile manufacturing. To name a few.

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Producing Neodymium Magnets

How are N94 magnets made?

In manufacturing terms, there are 2 processes to make neodymium magnets which are high-strength magnetic products: classical powder metallurgy/sintered magnet process & rapid solidification/bonded magnet process.

Simply put, neodymium magnets are produced to be 18 times stronger than any other magnets.

Common Places for magnet use

N94 magnets are used in many everyday products, such as hard disk drives, computers, mobile phones, motors, various industries, and home products…

Motors – electric motors with a combination of electromagnetics and permanent magnets use N94 magnets that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Generators use neodymium magnets to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Healthcare – N94 magnets are used in open MRI machines. They create a magnetic field that arranges human protons towards the magnetic field. Then, the human body is scanned with radio waves. The end result is detailed, internal images of the human body that could help save a life.

Automobiles – antilocking braking system (ABS) sensors have neodymium magnets wrapped in their copper coils. The copper coils transport voltage that is created when the ABS reductor ring rotates, creating a signal that shows wheel speed, which is monitored by the automobile’s computer system.

Home – home improvement projects are perfect for neodymium magnets. There are endless applications for magnet use, such as drawers, hanging pictures, fixing furniture, and mounting towel racks.

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